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"I have attended several private and charity events organized by Carole Adriaans & Associates. Carole has the ability to create magic in high-level dinners, conferences and balls that demand impeccable attention to protocol and form as well as small intimate affairs that hit just the right note with client requirement. As a former diplomat, I have attended many world-class events and am confident in stating that Carole's work reflects a choice of speaker, entertainment and appropriate d├ęcor that bring a distinctly magical flavour to her events.

I particularly recall her South African Women for Women Awards Ceremonies that blew me away with the level of dignitary participation, world class entertainment and huge attendee management. Her events around the Opera production "Passion for Winnie" asked not only the presentation of multiple events but also intense media interaction and crisis management.

Ms. Adriaans with her vast support network never loses her cool and the job always gets done. She is above all a person who can '...walk with kings, nor lose the common touch...' - I would strongly recommend her expertise."

South African Women for Women


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