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Honourable Jean Augustine PC, CM, CBE

I have known Carole Adriaans for over a decade. She is a bright professional woman who shares her talent and expertise with many in the community. Many have benefitted from her advice and help . Carole's reputation is high in and with many organizations who have sought her assistance with logistics and fundraising activities. I have watched her organizational abilities turn what could have been a mediocre event into a classy, well-executed event.

I was Patron of South African Women for Women... an organization Carole founded to pay tribute to women who were heroes of the apartheid system... and saw Carole as a determined and hardworking woman with the ability to overcome challenges, cajole and negotiate to accomplish some wonderful miracles. Carole works often behind the scene as her motivation always is to serve and push others forward. This is a most admirable characteristic.

Carole is an outstanding individual with many skills and talents combined with an excellent network of people who trust her ability to deliver on her commitments. She can be counted on to go beyond the call of duty .

Honourable Jean Augustine PC, CM, CBE

South African Women for Women


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