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In 2002, 10 years ago Images & Voices of Hope / Toronto held a conversation to honor the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It was an intimate gathering with primarily owners and publishers of broadcast news outlets and newspapers in the room. The Archbishop greeted everyone warmly and opened by thanking the Canadian media for being the first in the international media community to actively oppose apartheid in South Africa. He cited it as an act of courage, later followed by media in other countries. Recently he recalled the day fondly with his friend, Carole Adriaans, the Event Producer.

Images & Voices of Hope honor pathbreakers who- through leadership, courage or innovation-have created outstanding media work supporting positive social change. In creating this program, Images & Voices of Hope recognizes that groundbreaking media work with strong social impact often is the product of an individual or group guided by a clear, internal moral compass. These leaders often need to push professional boundaries. They must challenge the status quo and often make personal sacrifices in order to realize success.

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